Area Code 701

Time Zone: Central Time Zone USA

Local Time: 3:31 pm Tuesday November 14, 2017


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Major Cities with Area Code 701
Country code 1

Grand Forks, ND

Bismarck, ND

Minot, ND

Dodge, ND

Parshall, ND

Davenport, ND

Honeyford, ND

Brantford, ND

Lake Williams, ND

Riverdale, ND

Wolseth, ND

Maza, ND

Goodrich, ND

Driscoll, ND

Minot Afb, ND

Cartwright, ND

Durbin, ND

Joliette, ND

Buchanan, ND

Werner, ND

Raub, ND

Galesburg, ND

Hoople, ND

Rolla, ND

Sykeston, ND

Strasburg, ND

Mcgregor, ND

Argusville, ND

Caledonia, ND

Fort Totten, ND

Grand Rapids, ND

Hazelton, ND

Coteau, ND

Trenton, ND

Sheldon, ND

Thompson, ND

Dawson, ND

Medora, ND

Berwick, ND

Kelso, ND

Manvel, ND

Tokio, ND

Woodworth, ND

New Hradec, ND

Newburg, ND

Cayuga, ND

Emerado, ND

Flora, ND

Adrian, ND

Moffit, ND

Des Lacs, ND

Embden, ND

Belcourt, ND

Forbes, ND

Braddock, ND

Gascoyne, ND

Bonetraill, ND

Geneseo, ND

Neche, ND

Eldridge, ND

Gorham, ND

Portal, ND

Erie, ND

Nash, ND

Pekin, ND

Sanborn, ND

Selfridge, ND

Karlsruhe, ND

Adams, ND

Southam, ND

Walum, ND

Lark, ND

Antler, ND

Colgan, ND

Mooreton, ND

Pisek, ND

Emrick, ND

Bucyrus, ND

Sherwood, ND

Grandin, ND

Langdon, ND

Saint John, ND

Tuttle, ND

Underwood, ND

Mandaree, ND

Ayr, ND

Crystal, ND

Manfred, ND

Litchville, ND

Kintyre, ND

Butte, ND

Zahl, ND

Tower City, ND

Backoo, ND

Denhoff, ND

New England, ND

Velva, ND

Hickson, ND

Mekinock, ND

Warwick, ND

Beach, ND

Noonan, ND

Clifford, ND

Finley, ND

Calio, ND

Pettibone, ND

Bentley, ND

Douglas, ND

North River, ND

Bottineau, ND

Fullerton, ND

Carson, ND

South Heart, ND

Rawson, ND

Luverne, ND

Kempton, ND

Berlin, ND

Glen Ullin, ND

Roseglen, ND

Fingal, ND

Hannah, ND

Perth, ND

Steele, ND

Breien, ND

Kramer, ND

Arvilla, ND

Edmore, ND

Nortonville, ND

Emmet, ND

Bantry, ND

Keene, ND

Oriska, ND

Reynolds, ND

Windsor, ND

Lefor, ND

Belden, ND

Hankinson, ND

Mccanna, ND

Sarles, ND

Wimbledon, ND

Wilton, ND

Max, ND

Blanchard, ND

Dahlen, ND

Mapes, ND

Mchenry, ND

Mandan, ND

Larson, ND

Dwight, ND

Agate, ND

Merricourt, ND

Almont, ND

Regent, ND

Westhope, ND

Hastings, ND

Milton, ND

Willow City, ND

Bowman, ND

Palermo, ND

Colfax, ND

Forest River, ND

Nekoma, ND

Regan, ND

Raleigh, ND

Northgate, ND

Briarwood, ND

Calvin, ND

Juanita, ND

Coleharbor, ND

Arnegard, ND

Mantador, ND

Park River, ND

Bowdon, ND

Grassy Butte, ND

Ruso, ND

Englevale, ND

Hensel, ND

Nanson, ND

Sutton, ND

Sterling, ND

Lignite, ND

Amenia, ND

Buxton, ND

Fillmore, ND

Kulm, ND

Hague, ND

Blaisdell, ND

Temple, ND

Rutland, ND

Sharon, ND

Courtenay, ND

Marmarth, ND

Tolley, ND

Havana, ND

Maida, ND

Starkweather, ND

Burnstad, ND

Zeeland, ND

Loraine, ND

Casselton, ND

Gardar, ND

Harlow, ND

Medina, ND

Mercer, ND

Deering, ND

Riverside, ND

Balta, ND

Fessenden, ND

Beulah, ND

Richardton, ND

Hamlet, ND

Leonard, ND

Mountain, ND

Baker, ND

Dunn Center, ND

Plaza, ND

Enderlin, ND

Glasston, ND

Oberon, ND

Leal, ND

Saint Anthony, ND

Granville, ND

Grand Forks Afb, ND

Churchs Ferry, ND

Grace City, ND

Heil, ND

Anamoose, ND

Springbrook, ND

Delamere, ND

Petersburg, ND

Bordulac, ND

Hebron, ND

Sawyer, ND

Gardner, ND

Orr, ND

Pleasant Lake, ND

Tappen, ND

Turtle Lake, ND

Makoti, ND

Arthur, ND

Concrete, ND

Hampden, ND

Lehr, ND

Hazen, ND

Burlington, ND

Watford City, ND

Stirum, ND

Wales, ND

Sibley, ND

Burt, ND

Upham, ND

Colgate, ND

Mayville, ND

Hamar, ND

Ypsilanti, ND

Amidon, ND

Charlson, ND

Christine, ND

Fairdale, ND

Minnewaukan, ND

Guelph, ND

Napoleon, ND

Donnybrook, ND

Wyndmere, ND

Bisbee, ND

Fredonia, ND

Cannon Ball, ND

Sentinel Butte, ND

Appam, ND

Elliott, ND

Niagara, ND

Ashley, ND

Gladstone, ND

Battleview, ND

Fairmount, ND

Hamilton, ND

Penn, ND

Spiritwood, ND

Shields, ND

Coulee, ND

Aneta, ND

San Haven, ND

Hurdsfield, ND

Fort Yates, ND

Balfour, ND

Alkabo, ND

Nome, ND

Portland, ND

Chaseley, ND

Killdeer, ND

Carbury, ND

Crete, ND

Lankin, ND

Saint Michael, ND

Verona, ND

Washburn, ND

Martin, ND

Barney, ND

Cummings, ND

Knox, ND

Mcclusky, ND

Temvik, ND

Carpio, ND

Valley City, ND

Devils Lake, ND

Dickey, ND

Reeder, ND

Bergen, ND

Hunter, ND

Whitman, ND

Webster, ND

Lincoln, ND

Fryburg, ND

Norwich, ND

Brampton, ND

Fordville, ND

Mylo, ND

Edmunds, ND

Hannover, ND

Drake, ND

Fargo, ND

Brocket, ND

Gackle, ND

Fort Clark, ND

Taylor, ND

Ambrose, ND

Mcleod, ND

Osnabrock, ND

Binford, ND

Golva, ND

Ross, ND

Forman, ND

Hatton, ND

Rocklake, ND

Streeter, ND

Stanton, ND

Lansford, ND

Abercrombie, ND

Bathgate, ND

Egeland, ND

Kensal, ND

Golden Valley, ND

Benedict, ND

Wheelock, ND

Page, ND

Saint Thomas, ND

Cooperstown, ND

Manning, ND

Surrey, ND

Prosper, ND

Kloten, ND

Sheyenne, ND

Wing, ND

Zap, ND

Maxbass, ND

Buffalo, ND

Bowesmont, ND

Lawton, ND

Marion, ND

Menoken, ND

Crosby, ND

Walcott, ND

Loma, ND

Ellendale, ND

Baldwin, ND

Rhame, ND

White Earth, ND

Kindred, ND

Voss, ND

Wolford, ND

This area code is for these cities and surrounding areas. Some areacodes extend into two time zones, like 208 ID -7/-8 Idaho, 219 IN -6/-5 NW Indiana: Gary, 250 BC -8/-7 Canada: British Columbia, etc.

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